No one I know collects half bottles of wine ... that would be weird! However, I notice that half a bottle is the perfect amount of wine to open at home alone or with a friend. According to wine expert/consultant Steve Gett, "My general rule after opening reds is to put straight in the fridge (especially in a NY apartment) and then finish up the next night. Sometimes can push to a third but generally find best consumed next day...but very rare a good wine will last the night!" Therefore, unless you are getting your drink on soon after that, the rest of the bottle usually goes to waste. That was before fellow Louper Kara F. introduced me to Coravin, and I got right on owning one. This handy device allows you to take a glass, or two, from a bottle without removing its cork and ruining its future prospects for drinking. If your spouse/roommate/friend prefers red wine (like mine) and you want white, you don't have to feel guilty about opening two different bottles. Maybe you want to open a great bottle for yourself and an inferior bottle for your guest, or vice versa, this is the perfect solution. A good glass of wine with a friend sets you on the path to getting to the elusive two percent!