Realism Smart Device

To be fully engaged in what we are doing (conversation, activities, etc.), we need to put our smartphones down and away. We covered this topic at length two weeks ago in Be Present. As I said, we need the trigger our of our hands not to be tempted by the multitude of activities available to us in that device. It is an original thought to think that the person or scenery in front of you are more than sufficient and probably better than what is waiting for you on your phone. In the interim, I have found a new way to do this, and it is called Realism. I know it seems silly, but this does the trick for me. It is a bulging frame that feels like a smartphone. Through it, you will be able to see the real world. You won't be distracted by ringing, message alerts, news alerts, Words with Friends reminders, or any other app or message. Instead, real conversation and enjoyment of the present will replace those lost moments checking in on things that can wait. Trust me here. Use that found time to dig a bit deeper with the person you are with, face to face. Get to the 2 percent!