Trimarco EX Floor Guard

It is best to combat dirt before it ever comes into the home. Sure you can ask people to take off their shoes, but that is annoying and neurotic. We all remember the Curb your Enthusiasm episode where Larry David is asked to remove his shoes, and of course, he doesn't, viewing the "shoes off rule" as utterly breakable ... As usual, David's not wrong, and I concur because what makes socks or even bare feet cleaner than shoes. Therefore, I have been looking for a system that is better than asking people to put on little booties. Now there's the Trimaco .... this system allows the visitor to step into the machine while it instantly wraps their shoes in a layer of (clear) plastic. No matter what they stepped in, they will not drag it all over the house. Sure this device is better for strangers, but it is good for anyone! I may sound like a germaphobe, but I know what is outside on the city streets --- I walk my dogs there all the time!