Fresh Patch

If you want to avoid walking your dog outside altogether (who doesn't), then you might consider a solution for going inside or in a small outdoor area. Wee wee pads might be ok if you have a small dog, but for medium and large dogs they are woefully insufficient. Also, I am sure if my dog could speak he would tell me he likes to go natural, which means going on good ol' grass. It is the difference between going in a porta-potty and peeing on a tree (guys, you know what I'm saying!). Fresh Patch is a great solution, and they send natural grass every week to your door. So each week throw out the old one, hose down the plastic under the mat, place the new grass patch and you (or Spot, Rover, or whatever your name is) are ready to go. No more polluting the sidewalks with your dog's you know what + your neighbors will thank you!