Garmin Fenix 5x

This incredible new watch from Garmin allows you to leave your phone in your pocket, or even at home. It has the functionality of the Apple & Moto Watches, but also much, much more! Let's start with the least important feature (to me), its attractiveness and comfort. Someone confused mine with a Bell & Ross (think fancy watch). It is substantial in feeling, but still light weight and unobtrusive when you play sports. The band is waterproof, and you can easily find your fit since there are narrowly spaced notches. As for functionality, it has everything you would want in a watch to track your activities. It will track your running (road, trail, track or treadmill), hiking, climbing (of course it tracks your altitude), swimming, cycling, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, rowing (indoor or outdoor), golf, and even stand up paddle boarding! Are there any other sports one would like to track their activity level??? Just leave your bulky, distracting phone at home! Also, it seamlessly connects to your smartphone and provides weather, alerts (messages, important emails, or any other alerts you set), controls your music, and can even find your phone. All those above so you don't have to pick up your phone during that meeting, movie, or any other event that requires all (ok, nothing requires all, most!) of your attention! You can even check what time it is without putting your phone in your hands and giving yourself the temptation to open it and its many treasures inside. Imagine, interacting with friends, business associates, family members as if you are giving them your fullest attention ... little do they know, about your tricky little friend, the Garmin Fenix 5x!