TASC Performance

This New Orleans-based and family-run company was founded in response to the following question, "Why do we need to wrap ourselves in chemically-treated plastic to workout, run, or enjoy being outside?" Thus, they set out to effectively replace synthetic Polyester with natural Rayon produced from Bamboo. The result is a very soft performance fabric that you want to wear. They make apparel for active lifestyles, including running, tennis, yoga, and golf (for the less active). TASC produces environmentally friendly and performance based apparel, so it is safe as well as refreshing for you now to take the plunge and step out of your Lululemon uniform! Their work is gaining recognition as they made the official apparel of this year's US Open at Erin Hills. I want to thank Brad K. (Wrongfork Seal of Approved) who introduced me to this new and growing brand.