718 Cyclery

As much as Italians love their motorcycles/scooter, Scandinavians love their bikes. Copenhagen, specifically, is the biking capital of the world with over 390 kilometers of designated bike lanes. More importantly, it is part of their culture of green living. Nothing warms the soul more reducing your carbon footprint for your children and your children's children. Hygge! 

Now regular bikes are popping up as a useful mode of transport in a lot of cities around the world (thanks to the Scandinavian model). However, the cargo bike was something unfamiliar to me! The cargo bike in Denmark is NYC's Cadillac Escalade! The City of Copenhagen reports that 26% of all families in the City of Copenhagen with two or more kids own a cargo bike; the main use is to transport the children. Even the grandmas are biking the kids places! 

Now, a few cool brands of cargo bikes to schlep your kids, your wife, your husband, or your crap that you can find in the US and use instead of your gas guzzler! If you're in NYC, check out 718 Cyclery for all your cargo needs, as they carry a lot of brands. Otherwise, shop online for these below and feel as carbon responsible as the Scandinavians. Special bonus for the first Louper to send me a picture of themselves and another family member in their very own cargo bike. Hygge!