Denmark is the benchmark for a green and sustainable society, yet they aren't smug about it. This belief system is evident in all areas of life, most notably their food culture. Patrons really care where the food is coming from! Amass is very clear about their food philosophy, which is holistic and mindful of reducing their carbon footprint. They believe "sustainability as well as deliciousness are mutually reinforcing, not mutually exclusive." They are asking everyone to make a difference in their attitude toward food consumption and production to protect the food (we love) for the future! 

While our entire trip was filled with incredible food (you know I'm food obsessed), it seems that Scandinavians have something over the folks who dole out Michelin stars. Copenhagen houses more Michelin starred restaurants (28 Michelin Stars and 24 star-studded restaurants) to choose from than anywhere else I've been! It also housed the former number 1 restaurant in the world, Noma (which has since shut its doors). It seems that the Michelin folks love a tasting menu. Further, they love a tasting menu with previously undiscovered ingredients locally procured and treated in ways never even considered.

These meals aren't for everyone and certainly not for every meal, but once in awhile, they are a real treat whether you are a foodie or not. I biked (of course) to this restaurant on the outskirts of Copenhagen for lunch. It is a gorgeous and modern warehouse space that feels like it belongs in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It even has a rather large garden space producing vegetables and herbs for the various preparations. The menu is fixed (it's a Noma thing) and the items served are incredibly innovative and tasty. Chef/Owner Matt Orlando (who was cooking for us) comes from San Diego, but his culinary education comes from the best: Aureole, Le Bernardin, Per Se, and Noma. This restaurant is worth the trip and the hype! 

And, this is hygge all the way, as good, sustainable food warms the soul. Amass (meaning gather together) invites the community to enjoy their garden. "Have a glass of wine next to the sunflowers, a post-dinner coffee by the nightly bonfires, or even a sniff from our lavender patch."