Ett Hemm

Translating into "a home" this boutique hotel in Stockholm is perfectly named. With 12 rooms only (though not creepy like many Northeast Inns), this is an intimate enclave in the Northern part of the city. The Swedish design, a collaboration between Ilse Crawford (of Soho House fame) and owner Jeanette Mix, is stylish, comfortable, and effortlessly well appointed evoking Hygge all the way! Ett Hem is not your regular hotel and guests are treated as part of the family; walk into the parlor and make yourself a drink, or wander into the kitchen and ask one of the in house chefs to whip you up anything to your heart's desire. Breakfast, however, personifies hygge, because it's that comfortable and that right. As you eat in the enchanted garden, replete with Edison string bulbs, beautiful furniture, and warm blankets, you are literally and figuratively warmed to the soul! I want to give a special thank you to fellow Louper and dual US/Sweden citizen Chris M. who introduced us to this magical place!