Fleisher's Craft Butchery

If you are going to go through the trouble of barbequing (have a great grill, inviting your friends & family over, and slaving over the grill while they are drinking away), you need quality meat. By quality meat, I mean sustainable meat, the type of product that has been locally sourced and treated the way you would treat your pet (until the very end of course!). That is the idea behind Fleisher's, which was one of the early "hipster" butchers. The hipster title is linked to such stores because it has a vision (an alternative food system with the highest standards of quality, ethics, and transparency) and mission (to inspire farms and families to make thoughtful choices about meat with the focus on the sustainable product). Further, the shops are well designed and have young butchers demonstrating their craft. I like to know where my food came and that it ate well and roamed free during its (short) life. Fleisher's will serve up high meat no matter what cut you prefer.