Get Magic

Most people in the service industry go out of their way to make your life easier. However, we experienced above and beyond service on our recent trip to the South. If you have an assistant at work who won't do personal things or you don't have an assistant, then Get Magic is the perfect solution to outsourcing tedious tasks. I signed up for their Beta trial 18 months ago (really had forgotten about it), and it just went live in the last couple of months. Magic assigns a team of 15 people (nameless/faceless), who are available 24/7, and bill $35 per hour for the time they spend on your task. I have found them very productive so far at finding professionals to do various tasks like, "Find me a yoga instructor for next Tuesday at 5 pm?" They will generate a list of leads, send bios, book appointments and confirm before arrival. They let you know when they will provide feedback on their progress, and you can cap the time spent on a task. I could do this work, but value my time (way, way!) more than $35 per hour. Download the app here and use the referral code W66W63URFL and you will get one free hour of service (so will I!). Use that hour to try out the service and find the right use for you.