Laser Tag Pro - BRx

When we go to Blackberry Farm, we do what the locals do, shoot guns! They have an incredible teaching facility (off property, don't worry!) where anyone can learn to shoot a rifle. For the experienced shooter, their grounds have skeet, trap, five stands, double wobble, and flurry. If you don't want to shoot real guns, they have the most amazing paint ball field. For some reason my family can't resist paintball, so we dressed in fatigues, loaded up or guns, and played a fierce paintball battle for 90 minutes. There is something truly special about being pinned down behind a tree by your daughter or being taken out by a headshot by your son! I recognize real guns and paintball don't work well in urban environments; therefore, you need your own laser tag set. We have been testing out this excellent system from Laser Tag Pro. They have developed a gun that is more advanced than most commercial systems (they have those too) for the casual user. We have been playing in our home and having the best time. The user can choose the type of play and the type of gun. The guns have laser sights and real sounds. Order these and you won't have to head down South or ruin your walls with paint!