I don't know about you, but I often forget my keys. At my old apartment, I would rarely bring my keys out with me and would rely on the doorman to produce a spare every time. Now that I live in a house, I have to fend for myself!  That is why I have my keys in KeyMe; I learned about this essential new business from fellow Louper and frequent contributor Andy A. This app allows you to scan your keys on your phone and store a copy in them in the cloud. If you ever need that key for any reason (lock-out, system malfunction, anything!), you can go to a conveniently located kiosk and print another. No issue! I would recommend going to a kiosk and scanning your keys before you have a problem; there is no cost to scan, and when you want to reproduce the key it costs between $4.99 and $49.99 depending upon the type of key (home key versus car keys). The house keys can be printed immediately in a variety of styles; they even have a can opener shape. The car keys typically can't be printed on the spot but will be delivered over night. The key here is to be thoughtful before you are thoughtless and forget your keys!