Waft Labs

If you don't require the sniffer of a seasoned pro, then you can refine your tastes and produce a scent using the Waft Lab system. The website brings you through a series of questions to help you find your smell. They will ask is the scent for you, or is it a present. Deep thought: I think a present may be a bit much, as perfume/cologne is a very personal thing, despite the fact that it is naturally shared with everyone, the receiver may take the gift the wrong way (like buying someone a scale)! Then you narrow it down based on sex, orientation (masculine, feminine, or unisex), when you plan on wearing it (day or night), the activity you see yourself doing while wearing it (sport, socializing, work, etc.). They delve further into your mood, the potency, specific ingredients that you respond to, and then other colognes/perfume that you know you already like. The net result is a scent engineered just for you. You can even design the bottle and title the scent. There is some excitement and anticipation because you really don't know what you are going to get, or whether you will like it. Of course, I named mine The Loupe! Next time you see me (if you do), feel free to comment on how I smell!