The Scentarium, by Sue Phillips

Maybe determining your scent should be left to a professional since not everyone has a good sense of smell (like I do). It is also true that you may have a different association with the smell than most people do, and therefore you are sending a wrong signal to a friend, colleague, and/or loved one. In this case, you may want to take a visit to Sue Phillips, who may have invented the category of Bespoke Perfumes. She has worked at Elizabeth Arden, Tiffanys, and more. She has designed fragrances for A-listers who want (dare) to be different. Make an appointment and spend an hour in her laboratory in Tribeca. She will give you a quiz that will flush out the general category of scent that suits you. Then she will walk you through the various scents (16 in total), and you will sort through what you like. After which, you will combine 4-6 and make your very own scent. It is a fun process, and she will teach you the history of the scents (she was an adjunct professor), as well as various stories from the perfume world. In the end, you will have your very own fragrance, named, bottled and cataloged for future use! Perhaps, you have a brand that needs its own scent (like La Loupe), or maybe you want to walk into a room and everyone to know (via smell) that you are there!