There are so many people out there in this large, wonderful world that see a problem and try to fix it. These, my friends, are doers! There are countless noble causes working to end world hunger, combat poverty, cure sickness and they need the financial support of you, and you and you! Enter Omaze, the brainchild of two Stanford grads who started this site that marries fundraising and crowdsourcing with the good will of celebrities. They believe that if you donate, you're a winner!  It does not matter the amount; you are given a chance (you decide the #) to the once in a lifetime experience. 

This is a pretty cool way to learn about various causes and raise money for them. They also have some very cool experiences, such as wine tasting with Jennifer Lawrence, getting life advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger, or partying with the world's top 100 DJ's in Amsterdam.  For 100 entries, donate $10, and the amount of entries and numbers go up from there. Even if you lose, you're a winner because you've donated to an important cause!