Tone House


Let me start by saying that now I know I am not in shape. I thought I was in decent shape after the Summer until I stepped on the turf at Tone House. It was only a beginner class (yikes), and I was given a reality check that my fake Summer workouts just didn't cut it! The Tone House gym and experience are quite intimidating; I'm not going to lie. The experience is like stepping into a club (dark, red lights, and loud music) where you are joining a team of people that you don't know who are probably in better shape than you (at least me). There is no hiding in your own little space because you are actually doing the workout in lines with your teammates. They are cheering you on so you can't let them down. To be honest, I was exhausted after the "warm-up!" This was the kick start I needed for my transition out of Summer. This is a workout that I need to master. This is Tone House!