This place couldn't be more different than Rao's but is still excellent. I went there on a random Sunday and waited in a long line before opening (no reservation for me). It is located in a stunning, open space near the Williamsburg Bridge that is open to everyone/anyone. This is the second spot for hot chef Missy Robbins (James Beard's NY Best Chef winner 2018) of Lilia fame. Ironically, Missy too, got her start cooking in my hometown at Spiaggia from 2003-2008 in Chicago. Here, unlike at Rao's, they actually let you order your own food. The menu has an emphasis on vegetables and pasta, with a couple of protein choices depending upon the day. The flavors are bold, yet the dishes remain light, quite a skilled feat. It is the perfect place to go with others so you can share a bunch of antipasti and pasta. Go before it is awarded its well deserved Michelin stars!