Relish App

I am a big believer in setting people up for success, especially oneself. That means establishing systems that don't/won't allow you to fail. It is especially important in the context of relationships. In a serious relationship (marriage) one must act like an elephant, remembering every occasion (birthday, anniversary, first date, etc.) and producing items that demonstrate the importance of the meaning of such occasion. As I said, there is a way to do this, and it is called Relish. Think of it as a personal trainer for your relationship! You must enter intimate details of your relationship including how you feel and how you think they feel; I hope they never get hacked! With this information, this app reminds you of the major events in the course of your relationship and provides helpful hints along the way to keep things interesting. They usually provide 2-3 items per week, and they might include a reminder to send a text that is decidedly unbusinesslike! Try it out; it may keep you out of the couple therapist's office in the future.