It would seem that the other key part of a great relationship is never keeping secrets. Obviously, this presupposes that you haven't (wouldn't) do anything that would need to be kept from your loved one. I have so little to hide that my wife even knows my iPhone's password. With the iPhone X, gone are the days when I could enter her fingerprint into my phone for very easy access. However, the folks at Tapplock have created an actual lock that mirrors the functionality of an iPhone. You can enter both of your fingerprints in this handy and effective lock. It is amazing to me that it took this long to make a fingerprint opening lock. Who can find the keys or remember the code to their lock anyway? I imagine 99% of lock owners set their combo to 1-2-3-4 or 0-0-0-0! Now you can have security for your bag, gym locker, or whatever else you might lock away. The battery comes into play, but supposedly last one year on a single charge. You can even grant access to third parties and see who entered and when. It's really a great item if you have the use case.