Smile Twice

A critical part of any successful relationship is...smelling good! I have learned that if I am to share the immediate vicinity with my wife, I must avoid eating (handling) onions and garlic. Further, I learned at a young age (my father was an oral surgeon) that brushing one's teeth twice a day not only improves one's oral hygiene but also reduces smelly breath (aka the dreaded gingivitis).  I will also note that one's taste varies throughout the day. For example, I do not want oatmeal for dinner and sea bass for breakfast. Enter the geniuses behind the new toothpaste brand Twice. It was a collaboration between Lenny Kravitz and the two sons of his very own dentist! They have made a great toothpaste, but they have developed two different taste profiles, one for the morning (Wintergreen/Peppermint) and the other for the evening (Peppermint with Vanilla & Lavender). Sure you could buy two different brands, but these guys have made it easy. The formulations have teeth whitening, cavity prevention, and sensitivity relief. If your teeth look anywhere close to that of Lenny Kravitz, your relationship could reach new heights!