Classic Car Club NY

I am very interested in cars, though I would hardly call myself an enthusiast (yet). I continue to lust after cars I lusted after when I was a teenager, but haven't really acted upon those urges yet. Therefore, when I was introduced by fellow Louper Michelle S. to Classic Car Club, I was instantly intrigued. This car club has been around for 13 years and recently moved to a new and larger location at Pier 76, ironically next to the NYPD Tow Pound. This new spot has many more opportunities for social connection, as it will have a clubhouse with a bar and restaurant. One need not be a driver club member to join the club, only an interest in cars. Members may borrow cars, including Maclarens, Porsches, Ferarris, as well as classic vintage vehicles, for specific quantities of time depending upon their membership. Either way, the club hosts member events including Mechanics Class as well as Track days which will meet the needs of car enthusiasts. The club will be an engaging place to make connections through one's love of cars, with a convenient location on the west side highway (@36th Street) with captivating sunset views!