Drinking sugary drinks is basically tantamount to saying "I don't care about myself." When combined with a large plastic bottle or cup (Big Gulp anyone?) you are also saying "I don't care about the environment." Using a plastic straw (I know you like the flexible ones?) communicates that you are lazy (I don't want to crane my neck drinking this) or vain (I don't want this disgusting sugary liquid to touch my teeth). Apparently, straws aren't easy to recycle, and therefore frequently find themselves in landfills. Thankfully the folks at Lolistraw have developed an edible, hyper-compostable straw! This is a follow-up to their very successful Kickstarter campaign leading to the release of a cup with similar properties. If you must drink a sugary drink, and use a straw, then please pay up and use a Lolistraw which says, "I care about the environment, despite being addicted to sugary drinks."