Hu Kitchen (&Chocolate)

Hu Kitchen was founded on the basic question, “How should humans eat?” From that straightforward question, they established seven pillars which answer that question. Meanwhile, they haven’t sacrificed taste in achieving their goal. Hu has a variety of prepared foods from which to choose. They even produce a variety of chocolate bars that they sell wholesale and taste great. As good as the restaurant is, they have produced an excellent chocolate bar. It seems that they couldn't find one that met their 7 pillars, and therefore they had to make on on their own. It has No Dairy, No GMOs, No Emulsifiers, No Soy Lecithin, No Gluten, No Refined Sugar, No Cane Sugar, and No Sugar Alcohols. Amazingly, the result is a bar that tastes great and makes you feel great about yourself. It comes in a variety of flavors including Simple, Salty, Crunchy Mint, and more. There is no milk chocolate here, so go look elsewhere! Get back to human at Hu Kitchen!