These days there are so many great places to shop for your daily necessities, food and such. You can go to the local grocery store, Costco, or even Amazon Fresh. All these places sell branded goods; it's what most people want. When you can't see the inside of a packaged good or feel the ripeness of fruit, many people want to know that Kraft has put their seal of approval on their Macroni & Cheese and Chiquita has blessed their bananas. However, these brands have paid for this awareness in part with marketing & advertising dollars; most often, they have paid for placement in stores and online. Ultimately, we are paying for this brand awareness. Brandless has dispensed with this waste (or they call BrandTax) by offering food and household products that are high quality and good value. Their products are entirely non-GMO, over half is certified organic, and contain no artificial preservatives or flavors. This is entirely different than providing generic or private label products (produced by Kraft but without the national label); these products are something different. They are pure. You will notice that everything is well priced at $3 ... I don't know why, but this feels so right! Sure Brandless is trademarked, but still, go Brandless!