Golf is a particularly frustrating sport, even for the pros. It requires a ton of time (practice & experience) and strength (balance & coordination) to obtain a low handicap. Ironically, as time passes golfers reach an inflection point where they lose their balance and coordination leaving them with useless knowledge! Look no further than my father who in his prime was an adept golfer and a lover of the game, but now is challenged to score well. However, the combination of two novel ideas has put him back on his beloved course! Enter ...  the SoloRidergolf cart; It is a modified single person golf cart with the clubs in the front (easily accessible) and a seat that swivels him into position to hit the ball. This is an amazing vehicle and worked for him for many years. Yet, now that he needs a little help swinging the club too. The rocket scientists at Ezee Golf have created a club that hits the ball for you, requiring no swing. You determine the distance (50-200 yards), place the club face in front of the ball, and fire! I am not sure if the USGA will count his score in an official event, but this club has opened the game to people with disabilities and possibly people who just suck, like me!