Aman Tokyo

What makes for a great hotel? This is a complex question and depends on your perspective. For me, it represents a hotel in an excellent city (less of a beach person) where at the end of a long day, you are yearning to return to its comfort and service. I have been to many leading cities and stayed at many great hotels, but I have found myself particularly enchanted with the Aman Tokyo. If you haven't been to a property, the Aman chain represents some of the most beautiful properties in the world, certainly some of the most expensive. However, the Tokyo property stands tall (literally and figuratively) relative to all of them. Walk into the lobby, and you are transported from a city of noise and crowds to an area of tranquility, space, zen, and service. You are in a cavernous space (expertly architected by Kerry Hill) that is over 30 floors above the city with incredible, expansive views over Tokyo. The rooms are well appointed, incredibly spacious and very comfortable. The spa is a meditation unto itself with relaxing colors and sounds. This is where I might check in on that very last night, as it has outer-worldly vibes!