Toto Neorest® 750H Dual Flush Toilet

Holy sh*t, I know I don't need any worldly possessions heading into my last day. Not even a pot to piss in. However, I would make sure that my last worldly possession was a pot to piss in, and that it was a Japanese style toilet. They are ubiquitous in Japan, and I can't understand for the life of me why they aren't everywhere in the world. No need to lift the seat, it does it automatically. No need to put it back down for your wife, it does that too. Hell, it even automatically flushes. Sit on this throne, and it is warm. And, the greatest feature might be the built-in bidet and dryer. You will feel like a king with this last worldly possession.  I am saddened that I wasn't able to visit the Toto Museum on the South Island of Japan ... I will, however, be calling my plumber the minute I get home! After all, we all have a smart phone so why not a smart toilet?