Circle by Disney

I have been using this device/system for over three years. I had been looking for a system to track and limit my children's online activities. I didn't want to be invasive (reading texts, etc.), but I did want to be aware. To be candid, I often turn off much of the functionality. But last week I was annoyed with the seemingly endless hours of watching television and revisited my Circle. What I found was astonishing! My four kids had watched 400+ hours of internet-enabled TV in April (so far). Holy crap! Houston, we have a problem! Don't they have better things to do? Am I a terrible parent for allowing this under my nose? I don't need to answer those questions (nor do you), but I do need to set some reasonable time limits. This device allows you to control activities of devices that are on your wifi network; to be clear, anything done via cellular will not be limited or tracked. You can set time limits, bedtime, and filter content by age. Therefore, I have dialed back the amount of time allowed using video services (typically their computer, which are on wifi), as well as Social media. You can always expand the amount of time, if necessary, but you have the control (stay strong, excessive whining will ensue). Circle even has a mobile application for an additional fee, but it is a bit more invasive, and I have avoided doing that (for the time being). This device is not just for kids, but also a way for anyone to understand their own usage and set artificial limits; everyone could benefit from this!