Sushi Noz

I love good sushi, and I don't mind spending (a lot) of money on it. Maybe that is why a gaggle of sushi restaurants appeared within a half-mile radius of where I live. There is Tanoshi, Sasabune, Sushi of Gari, Sushi Ishikawa, and Kappa Masa to name a few; It is a virtual Sharknado of mercury poisoning around the UES! Lo and behold, just in time for the final installment of Sharknado (6!), there is a newcomer called Sushi Noz that is even more expensive than the rest! It is Omakase only, and you must pre-pay $300 before you order sparkling water! When you arrive, you feel like you have been transported to Japan; as the entire restaurant was built in Kyoto and shipped here in the Sukiya stye of architecture. You are greeted by two women dressed in traditional kimonos who bring you to an intimate sushi bar, constructed of 200-year old hinoki wood.  There you are given a copy of the daily Omakase menu which seems long. Chef Noz arrives and greets guests with a bow. Then he begins to cut outrageously delicious fish. He prepares this Omakase for all eight seated at the bar. The result is a 2.5-hour meal. I would say that this is clearly not for everyone, but if you love sushi (me) and don't mind the time (not really me) then this spot is a not-to-be-missed sushi experience! Magically, your money and time disappear!