I have been a smoothie lover for some time. I love to run over to Juice Press for a freshly made concoction. I acknowledge that sometimes I am lazy and have ordered pre-made smoothies from Daily Harvest to save some time in the morning. However, what I have realized is that doesn't save time because you still need to clean the blender when finished. Blix has magically changed that with their soon-to-be-released smoothie system. It comes from the founder of SodaStream (which I also love), and it is awesome. They will begin deliveries in July, and it only costs $99 ($50 dollar savings when you pre-order), and you get a 6-cup starter pack ... sooooooo, it is virtually free. They just made the individual cups available April 24th, so you can try them in your blender before you commit to the system. The machine doesn't require cleaning, doesn't make a ton of noise, and knows just how long and how hard to mix, based on the contents. It is indeed next gen of smoothies!