If you know me at all, you know that I like to consume an inordinate amount of information about a plethora of subjects. Therefore, I run out of time reading from my valuable sources. So, when I'm on the go, instead of jamming to songs I've heard hundreds, maybe thousands of times, I've started to use my ears more practically. In doing so, I've added AUDM to my pod-cast and Audible repertoire. AUDM is to magazine article like audible is to books --- that friends is an analogy. Remember those from the SAT's? Many people I know (like fellow Louper Rick L.) have the very good intention of getting through the latest New Yorker Magazine. However, despite their best intentions, they have a stack of unread ones literally taunting them. Now, you can use your interim times (between work, and the gym, or on the way to dinner) wisely. I want to thank fellow Louper Amy A. for my introduction to AUDM, which takes articles from magazines and records them. For a small monthly subscription fee, you can essentially subscribe to the audio version of a variety of great magazines, including the New Yorker, Esquire, BuzzFeed, The Atlantic to name a few.