Even though I may not know my wife's favorite movie, or Chinese dish (moo shoo veg, right babe), I do know that she values hot coffee. So, now that I failed miserably at the 20-year gift, I've been sprinkling presents on a routine basis, And, one winner is ... Ember. To prep the mind for the day, most adults need coffee. And, my wife is one of them. She loves her Green Mountain French Vanilla Keurig pod (see how well I know her). She also loves to sip, not chug like me, hot coffee. Problem is within minutes the coffee cools and makes it not as enjoyable. Then came Ember! It is a heating plate that keeps your coffee at a constant temperature. In fact, it has an app (of course) where you set the desired temperature. The only downside to this device is another charging device on your desk (a la the iPhone or iPad) and another app icon on your crowded smartphone. However, coming in matte black and white, somehow it fits in effortlessly. 

Bryan VeronaComment