Ink Hunter

I do not have any tattoos. I think they are nice, but not my bag. I think I was deterred in high school when a friend of mine showed up with a tattoo of the Michael Jordan Flight silhouette on his shoulder. At the time I thought to myself that this brings fandom to a whole new level. Then I thought of the possibility of my Dad having a picture of Wilt Chamberlain or some other sports hero on his arm. It dawned on me that tattoos, and the idea behind them, are so time and place specific. Something may have been meaningful to you in 1987, that may have less (or no) relevance today ... thankfully I didn't get a tattoo with the band Motley Crue, the movie The Breakfast Club, and/or the likeness of my ex-girlfriend Erica. Maybe that is the appeal, just not for me. Either way, I am amazed by the number of people that have tattoos. It sometimes seems that more people have them then don’t. I am also surprised at the number of bad tattoos. Well, Ink Hunter is here to fix all that. They are a repository for tattoo art. Users can find what suits them and even try them on by using augmented reality. This is ripe for pranks as you can send your mom a picture of yourself with “I Love Mom” on your arm for Mother’s Day!