Shed Defender

I love animals. I grew up with cats and dogs and currently have two dogs and a rabbit. The bizarre thing about having grown up with animals was that my brother was highly allergic to cats. As my memory serves me, there was cat hair everywhere. When I went about getting my own pets, I chose hypoallergenic breeds; basically, most dogs bred with a Poodle do the trick. Sure, you have a dog breed with a funny name (Cockapoo, Peekapoo, and, of course, the Shitpoo) but they don't shed. Not shedding is critical if someone in the household has allergies, and you don't want hair all over the place ... who would? The problem is that there are some incredible breeds of dogs that indeed shed, like the Golden Retriever, the Labrador Retriever, etc. These breeds were off limits to me until the Shed Defender. I think this may be the funniest thing in the world. The whole point of having a beautiful dog is that it is clearly beautiful. It is the equivalent of putting a Bumper Defender on your gorgeous new car to protect the Bumper as it invalidates the attractiveness of the vehicle. However, I do understand the use case of having a dog, then discovering an allergy, or even moving into or visiting a place where a shedding dog is not welcome. The Shed Defender will make your dog look hilarious and freaky (in my opinion). Others may think it looks like a superhero. This is funny stuff!