If you drive in NYC as I do, then you need the ParkNYC app; thank you fellow Louper Jerome K! This app allows you to enter your location into the app, set the amount of time necessary, and voila! No need to go back to your car and place those annoying (litter) tickets in the window. It is perfect for me because there is no place for a ticket on a scooter. The app also gives you notifications of how much time remains on the meter. Further, it keeps track of where you have been. If you go to a parking area frequently, it will store it for convenient use.  My favorite trick is the ability to double the parking time from the stated amount ... all you need to do is buy a ticket for the max time, set an alarm and note the location, so you can add money to the app when the ticket is about to expire! This is ideal for lazy ones like me, who hate having to go back to the car to add more money. Happy parking!