The Infatuation

Before you head anywhere, you need to know where to go. I generally plan my travel around food. When I am looking for a place to eat, one of my go-to apps is The Infatuation. This app has humble beginnings, created by former music industry executives Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal in 2009. They are most known for creating the uber-popular foodie hashtag #EEEEEATS (have you used it?) Their smart-aleck tone caught on, and they have expanded to 10 cities. If I thought that was a large accomplishment, they purchased the assets of the venerable Zagat brand from Google last year! They have created an app that works easily to find the restaurant nearby, by neighborhood, and or cuisine. They have even taken the extra step of categorizing restaurants by “Perfect for...” so you can easily find the perfect spot. They also manage the Zagat app/website which is also quite handy and separate from The Infatuation system. Experience finders know when to defer to others, and for food, you may defer to The Infatuation!  They've branched out further and are in the 3rd year of creating a food and music festival called EEEEEATSCON; the 2016/2017 events were in Santa Monica. The third event in the series will be held on October 6, 2018, at  ... Forest Hills Stadium in our very own borough of Queens! That's right, you heard it, get your tickets HERE