Did you ever have the sneaking suspicion, or dormant fear, that something may be wrong with you? Well, I know quite a few people who do and won't name any names... Nonetheless, I received a disturbing email from my Dad's cousin who said she has a gene mutation that increases the likelihood of getting rare cancers. She wasn't sure whether it came from her mother's side (a problem for me) or father's side (not a problem). I called my doctor's office and asked if I could get a genetic test for this variant, and they came back with quite a steep price. I turned to my trusty Internet and found Color. It is in the same family as 23&Me and, but has a distinct orientation towards genetic predispositions to health issues, particularly cancer and heart disease. Fellow Louper Mindy G. rightly warns that all genetic testing should be done under the supervision of a counselor (resources available on, especially concerning BRCA. But, I needed a quick answer on a very specific genetic question. I have spit in a provided test tube, and the results should be forthcoming ... no matter what, information is power!

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