I am always looking for games to play with my hilarious family. All great games engage the audience, as well as foster thinking and creativity. A fringe benefit is keeping others (especially my kids) off of social media and connected to their immediate surroundings, uhm me. We typically play Broken Telephone or I Went on a Picnic, but these don't require full attention or hold the audience for long. Therefore, when I discovered Psych, I was, well, Psyched! It utilizes the beloved smartphone and requires thinking and creativity ... a win/win. There are a variety of subjects, but the game will ask participants to provide an answer to a question. These answers will be assembled along with the correct answer. The object of the game is to both guess the right answer and to get others to guess your wrong answer, hence the name Psych. My favorite module in Psych, appropo to the Dictionary above, is definitions of obscure words whereby Psych will provide a definition, and you have to make up a fake word that others think is the correct one. I wonder what word I would have made up instead of Vemödalen??? It is great fun and will captivate the audience (of all ages)!

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