The World Before Your Feet

This is a documentary about Matt Green, who decides he will walk the entirety of New York City. He is doing it and doesn’t know the point. It is quite disarming. He is a finders finder! He researches what he sees that interests him. Do you need a reason? Maybe you just need a goal? He is the very definition of living in the present. He previously walked from Rockaway Beach, New York to Rockaway Beach, Oregon. He may very well be the real-life Forest Gump! It’s about enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Maybe he has figured it out. Need not, want not. He documents barbershops with a Z in the name, Churchegogues (churches that were formerly temples), 9/11 memorials, to name a few. He’s not independently wealthy; he’s independently homeless! Wake up and smell the flowers as there are plenty of them in NYC. He walks through cemeteries as easily as he walks through a park or on a beach. It’s a love story of New York and a celebration of life.