Instead of going to the prototypical trendy beer hall, maybe enjoy a draft beer at home? I genuinely enjoy a draft beer more than its bottled or canned counterparts. There is something about the carbonation and temperature that work better from a tap. Typically, this is difficult to accomplish at home until Hopsy came along. This device was introduced to me by fellow Louper Jason B. and is an excellent addition to your home appliances. Now you can pour yourself a draft beer at the end of a long day or on a warm summer night. They have a variety of beers from leading breweries, including IPA, Pilsner, Lagers, and much more via a subscription (or not) as needed. The beer comes in a 130 oz cannister resembling a 2-liter bottle, which will not serve an entire backyard BBQ, so order plenty! They are continuously adding great beers to add to their system. I recommend freezing your glasses and enjoying your draft beer asap!