Whisky River Soap Company

Soaps and candles were always the mainstays of a mall. Sure they weren't the anchor tenant, but they were a must stop by. The stores always smelled great and had a variety of curiosities inside. Whisky River Soap Co. has taken that vibe and made an online store of similar fun gifts (a la soaps, bath bombs, and even astrology) that is a must visit. This time of year, everyone is looking for teacher or graduation gifts. Look no further. Here, you can find a candle called I Fucking Love You or Soap for Grammar Police, Smells like you're Annoying. You may even find a soap that your kid (Dean!!!???) will actually use, as they think it's funny. Oh, and Father's Day gifts. Here's one ... Soap for Dad Bods, Smells like Cookies and Cable Sports