Wall Pops

College, really life, is about connection. What better way to connect with people than over your room decor. Inevitably during move-in everyone's door is open. In part to say hello to passing neighbors, but also to make way for the embarrassing amount of trash that must leave the room. While the doors are open, neighbors and potential friends will inevitably stick their heads in to see say hello...well actually, to see the decor! I went through the painstaking task of hanging wallpaper (adhesive) on the walls which were made more difficult (impossible) by the angular and very high ceiling. Nonetheless, the finished product, while not perfect, did elicit comments resulting in connection with neighbors. Who wouldn't want to soften the yellowy cream paint that school provided? You can choose from a variety of styles of brick, wood, stone, and much, much more! Let your child's inner creativity run wild, and test your patience with manual labor. To be candid, this was time-consuming and took my mind off the reality that my first is really headed to college!