Lemnos Riki Wooden Alarm Clock

I have no idea how my daughter will wake up on her own and get to classes on time. I have admittedly been waking her up, actually dragging her by her feet out of bed, for the entirety of high school and then some. Nothing, I mean nothing, seems to wake her up from her slumber. I find that while an iPhone has a perfectly good alarm, having it or any other technology next to the bed is a recipe for continuing the binge-watching that preceded trying to go to bed. Therefore I recommend going back to basics and getting an alarm clock without any technology. World-renowned Japanese designer Riki Watanabe designed the Riki alarm clock. It's all about simplicity and the beauty of simplicity. The face is easy to read, no wires (only batteries), and no programming (only spinning dial for the alarm). This clock simply tells the time and has an alarm that goes off. I feel like the pre-set noises on the iPhone have become so commonplace that they don't alarm or startle (or wake from deep slumber) anyone anymore!