Where in the world did my daughter go? This feels much more permanent then heading to camp or taking a Summer trip as she is headed to college. I hope she forgets to turn off Life360 and FindMyFriends ... I came across this genius program that is meant to replace the current location systems as we know them with three randomly assigned words. These three words identify a unique 3x3 meters square in the world. It seems that the creators realized that they could map the world by using 3-word combinations using over 40,000 words. Many people and businesses are switching over to these 3-word addresses to avoid confusion created by street namers and address giving municipalities. My home address exists in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Elmhurst, North Bergen, and many, many more locations! Try to follow ... 
I hope she is:
studying hard at snooze.toolkit.landed (Woodruff Library)
eating well at overhead.apple.twilight (Kimball House)
catching a game at prop.harmless.lied (Mercedes Benz Stadium)
and not having to go to supper.only.kipper (the Emergency room)!

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