Atmo Tube

A deep breath is essential to relaxation. Shouldn't that breath be the cleanest air possible? Of all the inalienable rights, I think I should have access to fresh air. Maybe this is why I like to go hiking in the Rocky Mountains, where there is less, but cleaner Oxygen. The truth is I live in NYC where the air is okay considering the density. However, the real issue is inside places with outdated air handling systems. That is why I carry around The Atmo Tube that measures air quality around me. It looks for harmful gases and a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the air, alerting me when they reach dangerous levels. It's also a personal weather station and your very own microclimate/air quality measurement tool.

I have been wearing this device for over two weeks. Disturbingly, I was eating at one of my favorite restaurants (A-Rated by the Health Department) and received an alert from my AtmoTube. I didn't get alarmed and went about my business ... eating everything in sight. Three days later, I found myself in the same restaurant and received the same alert ... now I know, this place has an air quality problem! The following day, I notified the Manager and shared the abnormal reading. I am hopeful that they resolve the air quality issue ASAP, so I can resume my enjoyment of their cuisine! Louper David M. suggested I deputize our community and create a database where the air quality is at dangerous levels. So, grab an Atmo Tube, start measuring, and feel free to share your results with me!

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