Dancing can take your mind off of any stressors. I recognize that I possess zero natural dance ability, but  I appreciate watching great dancers. Typically they're super talented and in super shape. Therefore, it is no mistake that the founders of DanceBody recognize the desire for people to perform and lose weight simultaneously. This class teaches students a new dance every quarter. You don't have to know it from beginning to end to join, and you can try the class in the middle of the quarter. They also have classes where you can follow a teacher (that was more my speed). Whatever you choose, DanceBody allows you to release that inner dancing phenom that has been hiding inside! While there are very few men in the class (none besides me), it is a safe space from judgment and everyone is just trying to keep up with the instructor. It is a great workout indeed, and you will use muscles and stretch areas rarely used. Currently, operating studios in the trifecta (New York, Hamptons, and Miami), check 'em out and find your inner Madonna (or, for dudes like me, Mick Jagger). You can also subscribe for live or previously recorded classes online, probably better for me given my lack of innate dance skills. Thanks, new Louper Randy K. for this introduction!