Insa, Korean BBQ & Karaoke

Insa Korean BBQ & Karaoke

328 Douglass Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Insa literally means Greetings in Korean and that is exactly what this place does. It is a restaurant produced with love by chef Sohui Kim and her husband Ben Schneider who saw a need for quality Korean food and Karaoke in Brooklyn (of course). Kim has serious restaurant creds (Blue Hill and Annisa) and along with Ben owns The Good Fork in Brooklyn, another gem. Ben literally created Insa’s beautiful space with his vision and his own hands, and it just opened in December.

First and foremost, the food is incredible! It covers traditional Korean table dishes (the dumplings and seafood/scallion pancake were incredible) and rice and noodle dishes (amazing Bibimbap). This restaurant then goes the extra mile and has a table BBQ as well as traditional stews.

Then there is the karaoke which is always great, whether you sound like Adele or Kermit the Frog. They have 5 rooms ranging from 10-22 people and you can eat everything there other than the table BBQ; however, I would recommend that you eat in the restaurant and order drinks to the karaoke room afterward to focus on singing! The themed rooms (psychedelic, jungle, deep sea and space odyssey) are very comfortable and of course include some key props. What’s your go to Karaoke song, you know you have one … mine is Barry White’s “Can’t Get enough of your Love, Babe” (only a few people got up to go to the bathroom during my rendition).