The Slipper Room (Seth Hertzog's Sweet, Tuesday Nights)

There are plenty of comedy options in NYC. However, Seth Herzog's Sweet at the Slipper Room hits close to (my) home as it is MC’d by a Jew who is hilarious, brings his mom to shows, likes to dress up in ill fitting costumes, is on the Lower East side, and only costs $5! Let me repeat, $5!!!

The Slipper Room venue is nothing if not intimate. It has a main level that seats about 40, a mezzanine if you want to avoid attracting attention, and importantly a bar area. It seems like they are performing just for you, especially if you are seated up front. In fact, the audience is typically part of the show.

Seth Herzog, as you may now, is the warm-up comic from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He has incredible comedic timing, is wickedly smart, and is exceedingly quick minded. This show is most definitely Seth’s, but there is a significant amount of riffing with his supporting cast which varies but often includes famous guests. 


Sweet @ The Slipper Room

Comedians deconstruct popular culture, pretend to be someone else, stand alone on a stage and try (effectively) to entertain the audience.

167 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002