Videology Bar & Cinema

Videology Cinema & Bar

Team up for movie trivia against some serious movie buffs!

308 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11249

When was the last time you went to dinner and a movie??? I find myself skipping out of the same old dinner/movie night way too frequently and opting into Postmates and Netflix. The Find wants to change all that, but first we have to alter your perception of what that dinner and a movie night can look like. Next up on The Find, a movie themed night done differently and done right!

Don’t linger at dinner too long and head over to Videology Bar & Cinema for some popcorn and trivia. I recently attended their weekly Trivia Tuesday, but there are lots of other varied movie themed nights including Strangers with Candy Bingo and Live Dubbed Sitcoms, Brady Bunch and Friends. For the record, I was very rusty on my movie trivia which included trailers, audio/video clips, and more from many obscure (to me) movies. You work with teams, and you’re up against some serious film buffs. Can you name the different hair styles from all of Nicholas Cage’s movies? Well, people at Videology can & it feels good trying. Channel Scorcese, Hitchcock, Kubrick or Spielberg and direct yourself and your friends to go to Videology.